Five Reasons To Order A Cheeseboard You Never Thought About

Five Reasons To Order A Cheeseboard You Never Thought About

Many people think of cheeseboards as “fancy occasion” foods. However, it’s always a good time to enjoy some cheese and charcuterie! Here are five reasons to order a cheeseboard you may not have thought of before.

It’s A Well-Rounded Meal

The name “cheeseboard” might give some the impression that it’s all dairy. However, the cheese only takes centre stage – the side characters around it are just as important, turning your board into a complete meal! The charcuterie meats, pickled items, fresh fruits and veggies, and nuts full of healthy fats will satisfy your hunger and nourish your body (and soul!).

Cheeseboards Can Accommodate All Dietary Restrictions

Whether it’s hosting a large get-together or a picnic lunch for two, you have to think about your guests’ needs. Nothing is worse than putting out food only to realize your guest can’t enjoy any of it. But as we said above, ordering a cheeseboard isn’t just cheese. It can accommodate the many dietary restrictions within your friend group or family!
You have gluten-free options, proteins and fats that are dairy-free, and other foods that everyone can enjoy. It’s so much fun finding ways you can accommodate your guests’ needs without having to spend too much time preparing substitute recipes. A well-prepared cheeseboard can do just that!

It Lets You Focus On What’s Important

Because everything on your cheeseboard will be ready in advance, it frees you up to focus on the necessities. You won’t have to worry about spending time on your appetizers before guests arrive; you won’t have to worry about your lunch on a busy day; you won’t have to worry about packing everything you need for an outdoor meal.
When you’re throwing a party, you can set up your Posh board in the half-hour before guests come. It frees you to focus on more essential (and fun) tasks like mixing delicious cocktails, finalizing dinner preparations, and welcoming guests as they arrive.

Cheeseboards Can Bring Joy

Posh cheeseboards, in the words of Marie Kondo, “spark joy.” A communal plate packed full of fun, new-to-you foods can positively affect people! It creates a sense of community and brings people closer together, whether you order your cheeseboard for a girls’ night in, a picnic for two, or a post-COVID backyard family reunion.

It’s More Than Food – It’s Art!

Thus far, we’ve focused on how ordering a cheeseboard can fill you and your friends up. If your mouth is already watering, you may not have even read this far before ordering a cheeseboard of your own. But we’d be remiss if we forgot to mention that these arrangements don’t just taste great – they look great, too!
A professionally designed cheeseboard looks fantastic. It’s colourful, satisfyingly arranged, and well-organized. A Posh Cheeseboard Co. offering is guaranteed to satisfy everyone you know, from artisanal food-lovers to picky eaters to design enthusiasts!

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