Create Your Own Board

Every Friday and Saturday from 11am-1pm. 
Come into the shop, fill out the order form with what you want on your board.
We will make it for you in 10 minutes and you are all set to go 

Uniquely Crafted for You

At Posh Cheeseboard Co., we select the highest quality ingredients and add our own special artistic flair to create cheeseboards and boxes that will wow you and your guests!

No matter what your tastes, the Posh Cheeseboard Co. can put together a charcuterie board using delicious local ingredients. Our arrangements of cured meats, cheeses, crackers, dried and fresh fruits, vegetables, and an array of toppings – all tied together by our luxurious style – will make your mouth water and wow your guests, kids, or employees. Whether it’s a sumptuous foodie get-together or a serene lunch for one, let Penny and the Posh Cheeseboard Co. team take over!

We’re not all meats and cheeses, though! With boards and ingredients for kids, parties, special occasions, weddings, birthdays, and more, our endless variety of means you can have an endless amount of fun!

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Cheeseboards, Boxes, & More in London, ON

Browse the Shop for all your cheeseboard needs. There are options for kids, adults, and corporate occasions, whether you need them for one, three, or a whole party!

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