About Us

Who We Are

Posh Cheeseboard Co. is a London, Ontario company offering customers delicious handcrafted cheeseboards and charcuterie. We create artistic arrangements of cured meats, cheeses, crackers, dried and fresh fruits, vegetables, spreads, and sweets. Whether it’s a box lunch for one or a large party board, you’ll end up with something incredible from Penny and her posh team!

We’re a firm believer in looking local for our ingredients. Our charcuterie is a locavore’s dream: we partner with companies in London and across Southwestern Ontario for chocolates and baked goods – not to mention the incredible cheeses and meats! – so that both the flavours and your cheeseboard’s theme are on point!

How We Started

I’m Penny Rumming, the founder and owner of The Posh Cheeseboard Co. I started the company in 2019. The charcuterie boxes took off so much I ended up opening a brick-and-mortar location! 

Now, everything we do – from individual boxes and boards to large corporate orders. The style I put into making cheeseboards – and my signature pink branding will help you identify my business

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